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Thursday 10th July 2014

Tuesday night saw the Oakington project host its yearly seminar about the excavations so far; including the projects findings, what the settlement evidence suggests and what will happen after the p

Grave 116 from Oakington dig 2014 excavations, containing an adult female truncated by a modern maintenance pipe
Tuesday 8th July 2014

Last Tuesday saw the excavation of our very first complete skeleton of the 2014 season, and what an exciting find it was. Our skeletal team worked hard for over thirteen hours in order to meticulously excavate burial 116.

Sunday 29th June 2014

Outreach and community involvement is a crucial aspect of our project and over the last few days, our project team have been extremely busy coordinating various different outreach programmes each containing many different activities.

Thursday 19th June 2014

As it is the last year, we’ve decided to go out with a bang and open up three trenches (we like a challenge, and looking at the amount of archaeology in each they will certainly present one!).

Thursday 12th June 2014

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