2010 Excavations

In 2010 the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) started a five year project, undertaking the excavation of the Anglo-Saxon cemetery. The project also involves members from Oxford Archaeology East (OAE).

The main aim of this project was to bring together the previous phases of excavation and to excavate the entire extent of the cemetery, allowing as much of the site to be understood as possible so that the researchers could understand family life on the edge of the Cambridgeshire fen.

The 2010 excavations served as a pilot season for the wider project, in terms of both excavation and the practical reality of bringing many students to camp in the middle of a Cambridgeshire village. Two graves were identified north of the 1994 trench as well as a pit of disarticulated bones which had been disturbed by medieval pits and ditches.

The excavations reveiled a series of pits, ditches and wells which post-dated the cemetery and were thought to be later Anglo-Saxon or medieval. Two linear trenches were also opened up to the west of the excavation area underneath the site of the new playground to establish the extent of the cemetery site and to help the new playground project to manage its impact on the buried remains.