2011 Excavations

In 2011 the area adjacent to and south of the 1994 trench was excavated. It revealed 24 burials and a full articulated large horse burial (large for the late sixth century but the size of a large pony today).

During this excavation UCLan and OAE continued their collaboration to find the extent of the cemetery. These excavations revealed 6 adult males and 4 adult females.

The conservation report from 2011 revealed that the majority of the metalwork and grave goods were in a challenging states of preservation due to the soil conditions at Oakington – in the words of one local, ‘it's not very good for the roses you know'. The artefacts themselves underwent visual analysis and the removal of excess soil and corrosion layers where required. They were also stabilised by a professional conservator where necessary.

It was during the 2011 project that grave 57 was discovered, this grave has gone on to change the way archaeologists think about obstetric death, because tragically the adult women was buried with a small foetus in her pelvic cavity.