2013 Excavations

The 2013 excavations saw the three teams return to the project with the addition of overseas student from the Institute of Field Research.

During this season twelve sets of remains were excavated from 10 graves. 7 sets of remains were those of infants buried in separate graves, one triple burial was excavated during the village open day, and the last grave contained an adult male with signs of healed weapon injuries to his head - he had been placed in the grave with a spear.

This season also saw a smaller trench opened near to the multi-use games area in order to look for archaeological evidence of settlement activity. The trench also allowed school and community groups to spend time with tools doing some digging.

The 2013 season outreach activity was funded by a Heritage Lottery Fund award, which was granted to work in a focused one-on-one basis with school groups, particularly disadvantaged children. It provided a cross-curricular educational system based on the participation of all aspects of archaeological method.